Weathershield Solventbased Roof Sealer

Matt Finish

A superior quality sealer for both new, old and previously painted roof tiles.





Key Information

Coverage20 m²/5L

Drying Time4 - 5 Hours

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Product Description

Dulux Professional Weathershield Solventbased Roof Sealer is a superior quality sealer for both new and previously painted roof tiles.

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  • Good adhesion to cleaned powdery substrate
  • Good penetration to improve binding
  • Deep colour ensures easy recoatibility with Dulux Professional Weathershield Roof

Tips & Advice

Surface Preparation
Surfaces must be sound, clean, dry and free from all defective or poorly adhering material, dirt, grease or wax. Remove all loose or defective paint or powdery residues by thorough brushing and scraping, using a stiff fiber brush and high pressure water jet. Treat any areas affected mould, lichens, algae and moss with Dulux Professional Fungicidal Wash. Repair any surface defects with an appropriate filler. Surfaces that remain powdery, friable or chalky after thorough preparation should be sealed with one coat of an appropriate Sealer (see below System Recommendation). Do not paint if the wall is saturated with dampness. (Protimeter reading higher than 16%). Allow excess moisture to evaporate. Note: Paint will not adhere on dirty and powdery substrates which are not thoroughly cleaned. Do not apply Dulux Professional Weathershield™ Solventbased Roof Sealer during wet weather.

Application Tools
By roller, brush or conventional/airless spray.

To ensure good wetting and penetration, thin with Dulux Thinner 850-41 or White spirit. On cool tiles, thin up to 10%. On hot tiles, thin up to 25% to overcome the quick solvent evaporation.

Note: Excessive dilution from that recommended will result in low coverage and may impact application properties and colour.